Far Cry 4 Review: Kyrat Me Home

Far Cry 4 is almost exactly what you’d expect, yet somehow it still manages to surprise you. It excels at placing a plethora of shenanigans and shenanigan-inducing items at your feet just as it dangles bombast and pyrotechnics right in front of your face. For all the games that manage to tell a heartbreaking tale […]

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Heroic Contrast

Creating a hero is a tricky, subtle art. There are some ground rules that apply, though they’re more guidelines for generally creating friendly characters. For instance, don’t make them evil. That, in addition to making it very hard for them to be a protagonist, is just not very likable. Great starting point. It’s not, however, […]

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Through The Day And Nightcrawler

Not the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, though he certainly is worth talking about as well. No, this is Nightcrawler, a film featuring debut director Dan Gilroy and an eerily thin Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a tense, forcefully kinetic, and brooding yet energetic movie that you should undoubtedly see, but it has a supremely interesting concept at its […]

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