Live Anywhere

Gears of War Mobile X-treme: Touchtone Armageddon

An executive sits at the head of a rich mahogany table, his bald pate softly reflecting fluorescent light from above. His eyes twitch back and forth across the bright young faces before him–each one so eager to make a difference. His mouth slowly curves into a smile as his hands rise above the wood and move toward each other. He bites his lower lip and inhales through clenched teeth as his fingers interlace. “Convergence,” he says.

In the distance a plaintive moan is heard as a consumer falls to the ground in confusion.

Now Xbox gamers and PC gamers and Cell Phone gamers (WTF?) can finally come together. Live Anywhere is an integral part of the upcoming Windows Vista and, one can only assume, Windows Mobile. So what does this mean to you?

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