Strange Bedfellows

MLB and Sebastian

There are two things you must know before we begin: 

  1. I hate baseball. I hate almost everything about baseball. Scratch that–I hate everything about baseball. I won’t watch it. I won’t play it. My contempt for America’s pastime runs so deep, that in the long, hot months between the NBA Finals and the opening of the college football season, I can actually be found doing activities . . . outside.
  2. However, I love Xbox 360 Gamerpoints. I love everything about them. I love the unmatched feeling of accomplishment I get when I see the little achievement indicator pop up–informing me that I am truly in a select group of elite and skilled gamers who have successfully spent four hours in front of their television, repeatedly pressing the “A” button in order to simulate 30 years of a Madden franchise and collect their 400 points. What a rush.


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