Archive | July, 2006

The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 3

It gets no more high concept than this, folks: two nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.
Episode 3: Hash Browns (23:47)
Featuring Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Prey, NCAA Football, and EA’s spectacular quality control.

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With the average age of a video game player on the rise, and with Microsoft’s pending plan for pushing Live Anywhere to every digital device from your cell phone to your UltraVibe Pleasure 2000™, the corporate board room is about to get a whole lot more entertaining.

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There’s no “EA” in “Team”

With each new game promoted in EA’s current ad campaign, my partially digested vittles creep ever closer to the ole uvula. Surely I’m not the only one cynical enough to give this approach to advertising a huge eyeroll. You’ve likely seen at least the one for Superman (if not, here it is with the other in […]

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