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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 4

Threeeeemix! Now a trio of nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.
Episode 4: The Olympian (21:57)
Featuring office bathroom etiquette and the best DS games for a good biological download, Dead Rising, and the Saint’s Row demo.

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User-Created Content That’s Worth a Thousand Words (and at least that many dollars)

Microsoft has been threatening, ever since J Allard plopped down on the stage at E3 2005 in his fashionable hoodie/blazer combo, to give Xbox 360 users the chance—nay, the power—to create their own content and unleash it on an unsuspecting cyberpublic. Yeah, I scoffed at the time, due largely to the hamfisted presentation more than […]

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