Threezing for Playstation


In a few hours, stores around the country will begin selling Sony’s latest creation and virtual gasoline will be poured on flamewars across the Internet. I say “virtual” in the previous sentence because as far as I know no one has literally been set on fire tonight while waiting in line. But the night is young, tensions are high, and reports of violence continue to trickle in. My fingers are crossed that we can get through this thing without any immolation.

As for the flamewars? I’m sure they have already begun to heat up. I picture some opportunistic and spoiled adolescent on the east coast huddled awkwardly in front of their 1080p LCD, PS3 glowing, and a USB keyboard splayed out before them boldly posting on the official Xbox forums:

ps3 is here and xbox sucx! Reply if you can, o wait 360 hasn’t have a borser LOLOLO!

On a whim I decided to do a real-time weapon switch, hop in my car, and take a tour of the various stores around me for massive damage. Are we tired of that meme yet? I want to make sure that I am being historically accurate. Here is what I found:


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