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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 16

Episode 16: The Anatomical Strum Bar (33:56)
Featuring Clitar Hero, a trip to Pornotube, Game-onomics, the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo, new Halo 2 maps, rediscovering the PSP, and–I has a flavor.
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Techquila Episode 5

Is 1080p the new standard for Video Games? Walmart declares HD-DVD the winner! Super Mario Brothers gets beat in less than 6 minutes. PS3 ready to ship the new eye toy. Is Best Buy selling broke XBOX360s? Top 52 most important games of all time, plus Blades of Glory gets reviewed, and LAWater gets everybody happy.

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Techquila Episode 4

XBOX360 Elite sold out? Desz Misses the Wii, Filty talks about his Vegas trip, Nividia launches affordable cards, Madden 2007 is still the game, Lucky # Slevin gets reviewed, and Techquila hits Hawaii with the drink tip of the week.

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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 15

A trio of nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.
Episode 15: Little Bigot Planet (34:00)
Featuring sweet setups, much ado about Real Dolls, Gears Annex and the assholes who play it, a Wii game (!), Guitar Hero 2 DLC, and […]

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Gameznflix Coupon Code

Gameznflix Coupon

Category: News and Politics

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And these are the prices with the coupon "EMMYS" added right before you sign up.

1 Out at a Time / $6.75 each month
2 Out at a Time / $9.75 each month
3 Out at a Time / $12.75 each month

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