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Michela recipe Techquila Style


Drink Tip Episode 7. Michelas anyone??

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Michela, the official drink for Techquila podcast will sure to make everybody raise a brow or tw0.

Let’s go


Lemon squeezer

Limes 1 or 3 key limes
Clamato cocktail: splash
Salt the glass rim
Chili powder or your favorite hot sauce. Just a small amount. About 3 drops of sauce or several shakes of the chili powder.
Ice: fill it about 1/2 cup
Beer: Preferably Tecate or Pacifico, but can be sub by your favorite beer. 1 beer


Salt the rim of your cup.
Sqeeze one lime in to your cup
Shake some Chili powder in your cup
add ice
add beer about 3/4 of the serving cup.
add a splash of clamato
stir and drink!!


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Techquila Episode 7

Halo 3 Beta flop, Desz goes offline for 10 days, Call of Duty 3 and Aegis Wing gets Techquila love, Filty loves Phantom of the Opera, Desz reviews Shrek the Third, and the drink tip of the week is sure to make you listen.. Michelas anyone???

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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 17

Episode 17: Van Turismo (34:26)
Featuring weighing in on Sooch’s weight, Spider-Man 3, real and pretend driving accomplishments, Marketplace exchange rates, the new Gears maps and the perils of friendly fire, Catan & bored games, and tales of a first-grade weiner.
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Techquila Episode 6

Techquila is Back with take 2 of Episode 6. Xbox 360 Elite doesn’t impress Techquila, PS3 the new kazaa?? 007 for the Wii, HD-DVD human after all, Desz and Filty share their top 10 most important games of all time. Spider Man 3 movie and 300 movie get a Techquila review, along with a taste of Guam on the drink tip of the week. Antonio joins us with his new hit record, Plus much Techquila more!!!! Yeah!!!

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