Michela recipe Techquila Style


Drink Tip Episode 7. Michelas anyone??

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Michela, the official drink for Techquila podcast will sure to make everybody raise a brow or tw0.

Let’s go


Lemon squeezer

Limes 1 or 3 key limes
Clamato cocktail: splash
Salt the glass rim
Chili powder or your favorite hot sauce. Just a small amount. About 3 drops of sauce or several shakes of the chili powder.
Ice: fill it about 1/2 cup
Beer: Preferably Tecate or Pacifico, but can be sub by your favorite beer. 1 beer


Salt the rim of your cup.
Sqeeze one lime in to your cup
Shake some Chili powder in your cup
add ice
add beer about 3/4 of the serving cup.
add a splash of clamato
stir and drink!!


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