Share Internet from a Mac to your XBOX 360


Share Internet from a Mac Notebook to your XBOX360!!

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Sharing wireless internet from a Ibook/Mac notebook to your XBOX360

1. Turn on your Ibook and XBOX360

2. Make sure you have wireless Internet connection on your Ibook or Power Book
Mac notebook.

3. Go to system Preferences and choose Network

4. Choose Automatic on Location: Built-in Ethernet on Show:
5. Choose TCP/IP
6. On Configure IPv4 Click on the drop down and choose Off
7. On the DNS servers: Input or what ever your routers ip is. Some routers use

8. Hit Apply.
Now by default your Mac Notebook issues an IP of for your
Ethernet port, so we will stay on the same range and issue your XBOX360
the next Number of
10. On your XBOX360 go to the system blade and go to Network Settings
11. Click Edit Settings
12. Click the IP pane
13. Choose Manual
14. Choose IP Address and enter go to the
15. For Subnet Mask Enter
16. The Gateway will be the Mac’s Ether Net Port
17. Now go back twice and choose DNS settings
18. Choose Manual and enter or depending on your router for both primary and secondary DNS.
19. Connect One Ethernet Cable AKA Patch Cable from your Mac notebook to your XBOX360(THE CABLE SHOULD NOT BE CROSSOVER)

20. Now go back to your Mac and System Preferences
21. Go into Sharing on the Internet and Network Pane.
22. Make sure that on the Services Button: Personal File Sharing and Windows Sharing is checked.
23. Make sure to start the file sharing on the right side.

24. Now go to the Internet Button and choose Airport on the Share your Connection

25. Click the Built-in Ethernet on the To computers using: section
26. Make sure to start the Internet Sharing.

Done!!!!! Enjoy

  • mike

    The dns numbers wont work so i tried plugging in the ip address number which also does not work helllp please what do i do???

  • What is your routers default address? Remember this “On the DNS servers: Input or what ever your routers ip is. Some routers use”

  • sina

    i have done all the things u said and the IP ADD is now valid on my 360 but the DNS fails!! what should i do?

  • The gateway must be that one provide by the mac’s Ethernet port. Which by default is “”
    Also your wireless router shouldn’t be to far. And if you keep having issues reboot your router and modem.

  • Was is your routers default IP?

  • I tried this with my mac, it worked beautifully, thanks desz

  • sina

    i have put the same number as u said for the gateway but still the DNS fails, my routers IP is as same as the gateway.

  • That’s your problem Sina. You have to insert for the gateway and give your 360 for the IP.

  • sina

    Desz let me explain, i get internet from an ADSL modem. then i connect the ADSL modem to a Wireless AP Router wich i get internet on my i mac from it using Airport. the IP on my main modem(ADSL) is and the Gateway is . while the IP for the Router is . its a little bit complicated but tell me what u think should i do. Thx

  • sina

    Hey Desz i think u didnt saw my last post, dude i really need ure answer ;-]

  • Umm, go get a wireless adapter at Best Buy for $99.99….lol j/k

    Have you gave your 360 already?
    Did you turn off IPv4?

  • sina

    Yes, all is done. but i dont know whats the problem?? this thing is freaking me out…

  • Daniel Brauer

    This worked perfectly sharing my connection from my iMac, which is connected to a cable modem via an Airport Express base station. The only thing missing is that my NAT is marked as “moderate”, which I’m guessing is a port forwarding issue. I’ll have to check that out.

  • sina

    DESZ happy birthday dude, i c its ure bithday and ure a bit busy and cannot solve my problem, im still havin this ******* problem and its bothering me frankly,
    i think the only way is buying the wireless adaptor for my 360, lol

  • Thanks!

    Now before you give up, you should post up a link with some print screens/pics of your settings. I want to see what could be wrong.


  • this little trick is a life saver