Sarcastic Gamer ‘Takes Aim’ at Shadowrun

I loved the song so I figured I would share it will all of you guys, so that means, check it out.

Bad Game (The Shadowrun Song), is a parody of Daniel Powter’s Bad Day and offers listeners an abrasively funny review of Fasa’s Shadowrun.  The Song also takes aim at several other titles that have been less-than-successful so far this year.  It was co-written by Jeromy “Doc” Adams and “Lono”.

“Bad Game turned out to be one of our favorite projects so far,” said Sarcastic Gamer’s Creative Director, Jeromy “Doc” Adams.  “We got to use a cartoon voice for this song, because it seemed to fit the subject…  Well, that and none of us could sing as high as Daniel Powter.”

The song is available as a 128 kbps mp3 at the following URL: