Spammers find new audience: Gamers.

When a service becomes so large, it’s only a matter of time before the spammers vulture around to cash-in on the unsuspecting citizen.  And it’s official.  Xbox Live is so large!  Score anonther one for the spammers because users of the service are now targets.

Gamers beware.  If you get email from “Xbox Support”, use your best judgement to determine if it’s legit.  The image below is a real spam e-mail, posing as official Xbox communications…


Things to look for in spam email:
1. Hyperlinks that link to web domains that are unfamiliar to you.
2. The “reply-to” address may not match the “from” address.
3. The use of “check out the new features” four times in a three sentence paragraph.

So pass it on and tell a friend.  Together, we can beat spams high score.