Halo Clix from Wizkids Interview

My friends, we always do our best here at XBL radio to bring you all thing Gaming, as well as tech news and such. You come here because you trust in what we say, and you know we have your best interest in mind. Here we have something that I, (GUI J) am totally excited for, and think if you give it a chance, will love it also. Wizkids is a company who makes tabletop games featuring many different licenses from Marvel, to DC, to Star wars. Well my friends, to coincide with what will be the biggest gaming event of the year Wizkids is introducing their newest license, HALO Clix. Rusty and I spent a good amount of time playing it at PAX and we had a blast, it was easy to learn and simulated a multiplayer Halo experience. Here is the video interview I did with Wizkids at PAX. Take the time, check it out, and then go to After all is said and done make sure to keep in touch with XBL for a follow up interview with the Wizkids group. It sure makes something really cool to play on a rainy day, or say while waiting in line for a certain game.

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