Ask A Clerk: Volume 1

How do you sell a game you thought was an absolute terror?

A man comes into my store two days ago, and strikes up a conversation about what game he should buy for Xbox 360. Asks what I would recommend, Bioshock is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. He is curious about the game and wants some details, so I go into it, not realizing the fact he isn’t even listening to me… but instead is eyeing the shiny Collectors Edition of Two Worlds. He stops me half way through the conversation about Bioshock and asks me what I think of Two Worlds. Do I tell him the truth, or make it sound like a decent game?

When working in retail, you are taught to be the ultimate salesman, almost a used car dealer if you will. You should be able to sell even the WORST product like it’s your best product…

I don’t follow this method in my job, as customers respect and appreciate the person who can steer them to purchasing a good game, not what there is an excess of. There’s a better chance of a repeat customer if he or she gets what they want.

I am urged (by my conscience) to explain to the man all of the shortcomings that Two Worlds has… but, I also mention that if you can get past the first few hours, the game gets better. I also mention that for the money spent, Bioshock is one of the best 60 dollars purchases i’ve made in a long time (And if you know me, you know I buy A LOT of games). Despite my strong recommendations towards a possible ‘Game of The Year’, he ignores my advice,  sees that the Two Worlds box has a quote “Like Oblivion On Steroids” and buys it on the spot telling me there’s no way Bioshock can be better than a game just like Oblivion, and that I’m probably getting paid to push Bioshock. I can’t help it if I liked Bioshock more…

Welcome to the life of a game store clerk.