Casual Gamer = $

The Wii is for casual gamer, if you only play the Wii your not a hard core gamer. Who knows, but those type of statements have crossed gaming sites, podcast (including ours) and print all over the gaming world. But there is one thing for sure the Wii makes money.

“Today, the Financial Times reported that the three-way race between the next-generation consoles has a new frontrunner. Citing cumulative sales data through the end of July, the British newspaper’s Japanese correspondent is claiming that the Nintendo Wii has now sold more units worldwide than the Xbox 360, despite the latter’s year-long head start.

According to the Times, approximately 9 million Wiis were purchased across the globe as of July 31, just barely overtaking the 360’s 8.9 million units sales during the same period. Both platforms were far ahead of the PlayStation 3, which sold only around an estimated 3.7 million units internationally.”

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