My Gamer Score is Biger than your Gamer Score!


1 : the act of achieving : ACCOMPLISHMENT
2 a : a result gained by effort b : a great or heroic deed

We are going into the 3rd calendar year with the Achievement system, which Microsoft implemented along with their XBOX 360 console. So I took time to reflect back on my past achievements that I have won. WOW! Were they all over the place! They were from 50-200 to 600-900 point per game. With that said I don’t know what that means. Am I a quitter when it comes to playing all the way through games or are the Achievements to hard to get.

It seems that gaming companies follow a trend with the achievements they put into their games: Sport games seem to be easier in  achieving your goals. Racing games I find myself on the short end of the stick. First Person Shooters I’m landing right in the middle of the achievement grade card. Then there’s the arcade, which to my surprise looks to be the most consistent over all.

But you have to ask yourself: Is this because the arcade is where I go to get my quick fix? Therefore you don’t play those games long enough to get all there achievements? I don’t know the answer.

But there is one thing I do know; that your gaming skills don’t reflect your Gamer score. This score is to be a reflection of games you have played on the Xbox 360. But it seems the mirror is cracked.

I wish we all would be able to look at our True Skill stats. This would reflect a truer depiction of your gaming skills. As of now the current Achievement system is an indicator of who has a Gamefly membership and who doesn’t.

TOG out!