What Happened at PAX Should Stay at PAX…

First off let me say Congrats to Steve519. He is expecing a new addition to his gaming clan. It seems like a lot is changing for our Steve. Earlier this week he announced a new cast called “The Gamer’s Pub”.  Now we find out that his wife actually does like him. Or does she?

I’m not saying anything here (one knows I’m not one to gossip) but…

After PAX Steve leaves Rusty and LIVE on LIVE.  Rusty was the only one who ventured around the apartment the night I was there. He left evidence in the restroom sink. So without getting to much into the C.S.I. area… I have to go Hmmmm

I’m just messing with ya Steve519.

Congrats and welcome to the new age of less free time from the Staff of XBL Radio.

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