Hello friends, both old and new. Here we are together, as we embark on a new, fantastic escapade. I first want to thank you for coming to the web site to show your support. Second, lets talk a little about why you are here “The Gamers Pub”. The brainchild of Steve519 and I, has been something we have been throwing around for a while. During our awesome time at XBLRadio we both, learned a lot from Carpal, TOG, and Montero Ballzk..AKA Rusty Ranchero, but there came a time when Steve and I both felt we were ready to move on, to spread our creative wings and let loose. Thus The Gamers Pub was born. Steve and I decided it would be best to strip down what we have been doing over the past few years, we wanted to bring you a show about friends, family, great beer, and our undying passion for all things gaming, all the while making you laugh out loud. We aim to entertain you and the only way we can do that is with your help. As we grow make sure to give us feedback, leave comments, and send us e-mail. I hope you stick around and grow with us, my friends, my family. So with that, I raise my glass and toast, “May our beers stay cold, and our love for gaming never grow old!” CHEERS!
Love Always,


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