Bungie Busted for HGH: Halo Growth Hormone!

While the Halo 3 hype keeps spinning, XBL Radio found this article at In an interview with Bungie content manager Frank O’Connor they discussed HALO 3 features: Some known some unknown.

O’Connor went on to say, “we already now see there will be a need for more smaller symmetrical maps … I think [content packs] will be, if not more frequent, more predictible and smoother.”

Some tweaking by Halo staff showed off possible new game-types for multi-player mayhem. O’Connor revealed that testers created a baseball game-type with rocket launchers and gravity hammers. “They even got bases in,” Hmm if only Bonds had a Rocket Launcher… Perhaps now clans may have “A League of their Own”.

There was also some brief talk about the secret Peter Jackson project. All O’Connor would comment on is that the project “continues on pace” and that Bungie producer Curtis Creamer and cinematics director CJ Cowan still managed to crash a Warthog into a wall.

With Halo3 arriving on store shelves in the upcoming weeks: news like this make it appear to be a multi-players ballpark! Swing Away Bungie… Swing Away!