The Advent of Sony’s Saviour!?!

Ever since July 2007, I have been enamored with the idea of the Playstation Home.  It was the main reason I finally decided to drop a load of cash for “the Sony paperweight.”

 Now three months later, I’m also in admiration of the PS3.  Beneath the shiny, smooth exterior is a processing beast more capable than half of the computers in American households.  

While the hardware is nothing to laugh at, the Playstation 3’s video game lineup still is. Besides Warhawk, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance, and Heavenly Sword, there’s nothing that would catch my interest. That’s why I became so obsessed with the idea of Home.

This small piece of software will determine the Playstation 3’s fate.

You get virtual space to decorate with anything you can load onto your PS3. Let’s not forget you can upload pictures, video, and music to your PS3 via a USB flash drive. Technically, you could have gifs all over your apartment or even DivX video files. The Xbox 360 won’t even let you view DivX files even after all this time.

Then there are age restricted areas like casinos. Thank you Sony. I do like to avoid callow gamers as much as possible.  Sitting around with some friends or clan-mates planning strategy in our own private meeting place is yet another feature Microsoft has nothing to match.

Between actual retail shops duplicated in the game and digital freedom of expression, Sony really has a gold mine here.  PS3 gamers get all this for a small fee of $0.

In October, Sony will sate our appetites for gaming and virtual expression all by proving one point.

There’s no place like Home.