What To Do While Waiting For Halo 3…

While I was at school yesterday, I was introduced to a toolbar expansion for Firefox called Stumbleupon, which based on the interests you choose, will send you to website pages with said criteria. As I went through the customization process for the toolbar, I found gaming was one of the interests so I check marked it to see what cool things might come up. Within about 10 minutes of use of Stumbleupon I found this amazing video for San Andreas, that helped me figure out something I could do to pass time until Halo 3 arrives.

I’m quite excited now to go back an venture the streets of San Andreas, searching for things I had never thought of doing. Should keep me plenty entertained until Halo 3.
Speaking of biding time until Halo 3, what are you doing during the wait? Diving into Skate or Stranglehold? Re-playing through Halo 2 on Legendary? What has your attention off of the week and a half wait?