Prepping of LIVE 52.5

This is routinely done on the forums, but I felt like indulging this time around.

LIVE on LIVE version 52.5 will be recording on Friday, September 25, 2007.  This will be done on Xbox LIVE in a Gears of War lobby.  These six gamers listed below are the next in order on the waiting list.  They have been contacted and I’ll update this post as they reply. 


BrokenTaco 09 – PENDING

GROMekstrakt – CONFIRMED  – 9/16/2007 10:07 PM – “Im there boss. cheers, GROMekstrakt”

Jeremiah Night – PENDING

PimpMethod – PENDING

Tel Prydain – PENDING

Now I need YOUR help.  What shall we talk about during this roundtable?  Please comment and suggest any topics you think gamers will find interesting.  Catch you L8ER, -Rust.