Warhawk Stats Fixed?!

It’s no secret that Warhawk has been a resounding commercial success on the PS3, but has been plagued with server stat problems. Now, after weeks of Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Points being lost forever, it appears that whatever issue cursed this otherwise excellent game has been resolved.

Is this a permanent fix? Or is this simply a fluke? I have been playing Warhawk daily since release, and have lost a grand total 5235 points. You can imagine my surprise when today, after 15 days, my stats finally changed. Will this be a regular occurrence? Only time will tell…

Update: Curse ye who dares play this game. I played for about two more hours, only to find all points accrued in that time stuck in stat limbo. How many server restarts have they had now, three? This is beyond unacceptable.

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