I Want to play online, but there is a problem!

Xbox 360 wireless connection test

Now as most of you know, this is  not the type of post you usually expect from me.  The truth is, I have a problem and I need some help.

As the screen shot above illustrates, this is a test for your Xbox Live connection using a wireless network adapter.  The fourth option down is called the DNS test.  When I test my wireless connection, the network adapter, wireless network, and IP address all check out fine.  The problem I have is that the darn DNS test keeps failing.

I have one idea of what it could be, let’s hope I’m right.  Maybe the type of router I have is not compatible with Xbox Live, or at least not this version of it.  When I checked on the website the other day, it told that me that versions 2, 3, and 4 of Linksys routers are compatible.  I found out that I have version 6 of this router, with the same model number (WRT54G), but no Xbox Live connection.

stressed outSo as you can already tell, this is a situation that stresses me out.  So before I buy a new router, I thought I’d extend my plea to this great community of XBL Radio (and now Platform Nation) to see if any gamer out there can help me out.  Leave me a comment if you have some idea of what to do, I’d certainly appreciate it.

Here is’s solution.  See if it makes sense…

Thanks gamers, I appreciate your help and I’ll see you again, right here, next week with a news story.

Take Care,