Monday’s Trivia Question!

Can you guess which console stopped working 15 months after purchase, 4 months after purchase, and which one hasn’t had a single glitch at all? Don’t cheat, and scroll down for the answer.

Still thinking?

Will the answer surprise you?

Probably not.

That’s right, I am now the proud owner of two 360s currently on strike. Just what is that failure rate MS? I hope that whoever designed this thing never works again. I know that red ringed 360s are nothing new, but it’s just a “problem” until it happens to you. Then it become a big f’ing deal. Especially when it happens twice. In the span of 2 months. I’m pissed.

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  • mik

    Not to mention when it happens and you’re half a world away from Redmond, WA.

    Ugh–my condolences.