Force Feedback or Forced Feedback?

 Imagine yourself entrenched in an intense modern day skirmish. You’ve been charged with defending your flag while all your other teammates scatter across the map to lay siege to your opponent’s. You run around the base picking up every weapon possible to bolster your chances of a staunch defense.  Maybe you’re a smart player so you throw land mines around the flag to ward off the initial attack.  

Then the grits hit the pan!!! 

Two enemy aircrafts come crashing down on the flag. BOOM!!! The explosion is so beautiful you can’t help but giggle–yes I said giggle–out loud. But while you’re picking yourself up off the floor, an enemy tank and jeep appear on the radar. You scramble to replenish the land mines, but it’s too late. The enemy is upon on you. 

The jeep carries three enemy soldiers. One is continuously pelting you with the turret gun while the passenger hops out carefree and grabs the flag. You pursue in horror…your heart pounding harder than Ricky Ricardo on a conga drum. The fate of the game rests on your shoulders! You jump into the nearest plane and try to intercept the enemy–the keyword being “try” here. You hit the throttle and your controller starts to rumble. You dip the controller slightly to the left to turn but enemy fire prevents your warhawk from going where you want it to. Your plane is being rocked and the controller is relentlessly thrusting about in your hand which results in an unpreventable crash right into a bridge.  

The fact that you’ve lost the game for your team is not the point. 

Force feedback may have been a good idea for some games, but in the heat of battle, is it really necessary? I’ve played countless hours of Warhawk and never missed it. With Sony focused on imitating the Wii’s motion functionality in the controller, they’ve gone in a different direction…one that should not be altered just to play “Me Too.” Yes, Microsoft offers force feedback. Is it me or do I sense a pattern here?

How can a gamer expect to have total control when you have to use a motion-sensor controller that vibrates?  Aren’t games about precision, skill, and timing? I seriously don’t see any of those things improving with both features in one controller. I’m probably going against public opinion, but I just think Sony is being callow here. I’m sure I’ll be able to turn the feature on and off but then what’s the point?  

It gives developers more options you’d say. Okay…I’ll accept that. Just don’t get pissed at me when I shoot down your defenseless wobbling warhawk twenty times in one match.

-The L1T1G4T0R


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