Microsoft Planning to Nickel & Dime for Faster Xbox Live Downloads

Would you consider buying a service that allows downloading Xbox LIVE Marketplace content faster than your current experience?”, asks question six.

If you subscribe to the Xbox Flash Newsletter, the latest issue (9-18-2007) will invite you to take a survey to “Let [them] know how you feel about Xbox LIVE Marketplace*.”  First, commendation goes to MS for being very sharp about the agenda of the servey.  There is no beating around the bush or any masks behind the questions at all.  Now with that said, shall we continue?

The final two inquiries of the survey blatantly ask “How much” would you spend, either for a monthly subscription (from $2-or-less to $4-or-more) or a per-download use (from 10 cents to 25 cents)?  Taking note that there is no option for zero dollars and zero cents.  Now at this point, am I really the only one asking, “shouldn’t this be free?”  And who in their right mind would pick the more expensive answers in this survey?

“But Rusty, we live in a democracy where free trade and capitalism is not regulated.  Businesses and corporations have the right to charge whatever they want for any porducts and services they offer.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.”  Thank you.  You are very educated.

I’m saying consumers have a voice and the Xbox Live Team asked to hear our voices by publishing this questionnaire and then sending out an email asking gamers to take the survey.  Please let me help spread the word.  I encourage everyone who may have recieved the latest Xbox Flash email to take the survey.  Let them hear your voice by clicking your mouse.  That’s all.  And you know, some surveys ask for comments and feedback right before you hit the submit button; this one does not.