50’s Curtis vs Kanye’s Graduation

I just finished listening to Kanye’s album and I got to say very well
put together. I’m no music expert, but the album is structured to
perfection, in other words "on point." Kanye’s smooth unique style is
always interesting to listen to, and in this album he manipulates the
beats to match his flow, and the outcome is top notch.  The chosen ones
to join Kanye on the "Graduation" album were noticeably chosen to
follow Kanye’s lay back, casual Dude style. The only down fall in my
eyes was the fact that after the "Everything lam" track the following
tracks were a bit too lay back for my listening habits. Overall a good
album, well put together and obviously tried hard to get even the John
Mayor Type of listeners involved. No doubt it will help the sells.

Kanye West "Graduation sells 957,000 copies first week

Michelas out of 11.
Best Tracks for my ears:

Drunk and Hot girls
Good Life
Flashing Lights
Everything I am

50 cent is a very smart business man, but for some reason I
feel as if his album wasn’t hyped up as much as previous albums.
Although Kanye sold more copies the first day, and 50 stated that he
would retire from rapping if that were to happen, you have to remember
that he probably has two other albums already recorded or claims to, so
either way he wins. 50’s new album "Curtis" is nothing different, same
old 50, with just new tracks, only track I think sounded a bit
different was "Ayo Technology", but it’s all good because his flow and
style is always that G shit that you wish you were, but you ain’t. Many
people try to compare Kanye’s Graduation with 50’s "Curtis", but come
on man they got totally different styles and comparing these two is
like comparing a Hanes t-shirt and a Teflon vest. "Curtis" right away
starts off during the same time as the way "Massacre" started, but in a
different location, yeah it involves clips. The album starts off strong
then changes tempo to a more "time to get high type of tempo", and then
reverts back to the club type of tracks, and does well enough to keep
it going with out getting bored. Overall it is the same style and flow,
although i hear around that his flow changed, I don’t think so, same
old 50 to me and maybe the beats changed, but he sounds like he
recorded this album the same day Massacre was laid down. In my eyes if
Dre would of produced the whole album 50 would of reinvented himself.
That Come & Go tracks is classic.
50 Cent’s Curtis sells 691,000 copies first week

8.5 Michelas out of 11
Best Tracks for my ears:

Come & Go
Curtis 187
I Still Kill
My Gun Go Off
Ayo Technology
The intro " yeah it has one of those classic quotes that you have to imitate"