Is it worth the hype to finish the fight?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children over the age of 17, this is the moment you all have been waiting for.  Halo 3 goes on sale at midnight tonight at many stores all over the world such as Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Gamestop.  I know you all have dropped about 60 bones on this game, and will wait in line as long as it takes to get it, because you have been waiting so long to finish the fight.  Now the only question I have for you is is it worth the hype to finish the fight?

After watching a review of this game on, there are plenty of new features in this game to keep you interested in it for many months, or years to come. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see what our three year wait, awaits.

1. Campaign – I know that this is not a new feature of the game, but what bungie has done to improve on the story is what I want to talk about.  Instead of just playing the game by yourself, or with one other friend in co-op play, this game now supports up to four players cooperatively locally, or on Xbox Live.  There is also a new system involving skulls you pick up on the map, and as you pick them up, they will add more difficulty to the game by adding status effects to either your enemies, yourself, or the environment around you.  And by using this technique, this adds a whole new level of the challenge to the game we have not experienced before.

2. Multiplayer– Now anyone knows that one of the only reasons that Halo 2 even survived was because of its multiplayer experience.  This time around, instead of saving the game from disaster, this just adds more and new exciting features to an already fantastic experience.  The first of which I would like to talk about is the forge map feature.  Now from what I take of it, this is a feature in which you have a variety of maps to choose from, and you can add and place any weapon, item, and vehicle wherever you choose, save the map to your hardrive, and play it online against your friends.  Even though I wish you could create your own maps, instead of just adding stuff to old ones, but the idea is original, and the possibilities are endless.

Halo 3 multiplayer

One more new multiplayer feature is the “Save Film” option.  Not only can you capture every moment you want to remember from the game, such as splattering someone with a warthog, shooting someone down from the sky in a banshee or a hornet (we will get into that later), or getting a triple kill or killtacular.  You can also share these clips with your friends online.  The only thing I would have preferred with this new feature is if you could string clips together, and make somewhat of a highlight reel out of them.  Either way the multiplayer looks like it will be even more fun than halo 2, and I cannot wait to try it out.

3. New Vehicles and weapons– Now in addition to the types of vehicles(Banshee, Warthog), and weapons (Assault rifle, Needler, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle etc.) that we have seen in previous installments in the Halo series, Bungie has gone the extra mile to bring you some new and exciting weapons to try out.  One of which is the Brute hammer, which looks like the alien version of a plasma sword, can take out enemies with only one hit.  There is a Brute shotgun, flamethrower, new deployable shields and grenades, and loads of other weapons in which I do not have the space, nor time to write about it.  Two new types of vehicles, the Hornet, a new flying vehicle, and the Brute chopper(motorcycle), will also add more excitement to the game.

Bubble shield

I could go on and on about the new features of this game, but the truth is that myself, along with the rest of you, cannot simply rely on words alone to play this game.  We will have to experience it ourselves to really see if it was worth finishing the fight or not.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off.
Take care,

P.S.- If you are curious, here is a link to a review that did on the game. Take a look, and form your own opinion.