LIVE 52.5 – Shall we finish the fight?

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Rusty Ranchero hosts
LIVE on LIVE The Gamers Roundtable™

Topics include…
Did  you pick up HALO 3 today?  50% of our guests said NOLO.  Find out why…
Will we say no to paying for “faster” XBL Downloads (and we don’t mean our podcast)? We might have missed our chance.
What new IP’s are gonna get lost this Holiday Season?
Great off topic Discussion.

Quick Wrap-Up with Rusty Ranchero…
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All Games and Platform Nation plugs.
Extended And-Now-For Outtakes™ with bonus topic (FREE XBOX LIVE GOLD)…

LIVE on LIVE™ guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
GROMekstrakt, Tel Prydain, PimpMethod and X3R0 9.

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