XBL Radio jubilates 2 years today

We started with four staff members, three (original) Xbox’s , two microphones and one goal.  And while most of that has changed in the past two years…  our goal has not.

We desire no more than to give gamers a show that is fun, informative, unbiased and entertaining.  That’s it.  With no strings attached.  No swag to seek out.  And no agendas to distract us from producing our podcasts with all our heart and might.  The staff already has a 9 to 5.  XBL Radio is our hobby; but, it’s also your game, your voice, your radio and we’ll continue to keep it that way for as long as we possibly can.

The only compensation we get for our work is the comments and feedback you give us.  So please make a donation by submitting your comment today.  Thank you for a wonderful two years and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new podcast: version 43.0!