Microsoft > Sony!?!


It is a date that will haunt every Sony fanboy’s nightmares for the next year…September 25, 2007. The day Halo 3 killed Sony.

Isn’t it ironic that Halo 3 comes bursting onto the scene plastering catchphrases like  ”Believe” and “Finish the Fight” on almost every surface they can find while Sony is still reeling from losing it’s one cash cow (the Grand Theft Auto IV launch) this fall?

 Even with the Tokyo Game Show news, Sony can’t seem to get people behind them. I mean, after all, didn’t they just tell us they were delaying HOME until next Spring. With news like that, how can people resist Sony’s computing machine?

 As a gamer, I have to say I’ve never been more disappointed in a company than I have at this moment. Sony has basically given up this year and decided to stockpile 2008 with all their ammunition much to my dismay. The worst part is knowing that all Sony has to offer can be countered or bettered by games already on the Xbox 360.

I have become so irritated with Sony that I’ve sold my PS3.

 That’s right. I sold it. I believe if Sony wants to wait to give me a stacked roster of games and HOME until 2008, then I’ll make them wait for my money too.

 Callow? Perhaps…but sometimes I prefer action to words. Sony would do well to try that soon.

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  • Lance H

    I have to agree with everything your saying here. Sony is really dropping the ball. I was a huge fan of the original playstation and had a PS2 the day it came out but I still haven’t bought the PS3. It just has nothing to offer over the 360. I have a lot of good memories that are formed around Sony’s first two consoles. It actually makes me a little sad to see them sinking their newest system.

  • wow lit, this sucks to see. I do understand why though, I have only one game that I really play on mine, warhawk, thats really it, especially when every game the comes to the ps3 also comes to the 360. And with the news of home being delayed again (how many times it this already). It all sucks, sucks a lot. Sorry I wont see you on the ps3 to play games with you there, but your always welcome to join me on the 360

  • mik

    Halo 3 killed Sony? Say wha?

    Seems like an odd time to dump the system when lots of good stuff is about to drop.

    “The worst part is knowing that all Sony has to offer can be countered or bettered by games already on the Xbox 360.”

    I don’t get that at all. Part of what excites me about the PS3’s fall lineup is just the opposite–they have games in categories that the 360 does not. Ratchet, Folklore, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword–there really aren’t equivalents of those on the other side. Then toss in the impending beta of Little Big Planet, and there’s plenty to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for their “cash cows.”

  • Samara

    That kind of says it all right there. The PS3 has the best lineup with the most exclusives.

    This article is really stupid.