Podcast version 53.0 – Hands Down Overhyped


-HALO 3 breaks sales records, and a few discs.
-Activision makes a Bizarre purchase.
-Microsoft to get it’s own space on the web 2.0.

-Mario and Sonic games revealed for the Wii Olympics.  Sonic to bring the rings…
-Kane and Lynch release date announced.  Think: “Reservoir Thugs.”
-Wii announces that it’s newest Mario title will be a SMASH for online play.


 -HALO 3: It’s finally here and TOG and Carpal give you their opinions on how the game was received. The Maps, the co-op, the story and more. So armor-up and get ready for an in-depth look at HALO3. Is the fight finished?

ALL THIS PLUS:  Squidpunch and the 360 Friendspot “SPOT”  Useless Tips™ and Console Crimes™.

And a special (SPOILER ALERT) discussion about HALO 3 in the extended (And-Now-For) Outtakes.  It’s almost a whole other podcast; but, we felt we needed to get it off our chests.  So get ready to hear Rusty, Carpal, and TOG talk candidly and unedited about the biggest game release to date.

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  • Kosamus

    Great show guys, and keep up the good work because we all really enjoy what you guys come up with. Oh yah, I know the story was a bit out there, but you were saying that the points report between missions took you out of the experience because of the break up between gameplay. Try turning off the point system in campaign, and playing though as a lone wolf. Also, you guys may want to fully explore the games functions before rushing out a review. I agree that Halo 3 did lt us all down. I do think its a good addition to the current gen Halo series, but I really do think that this is the last time we will see this halo art style. I feel that Bungie didn’t want to stray to far from what fans already see as halo. Next time, halo will look alot different for the next generation in terms of art style.

  • wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Thats how I’m starting this out.

    wow, I’m not really sure how to start this off but here it goes. I’m not a halo fanboy at all but I could not disagree with you guys more on this review.

    Now I’m not saying Halo is a perfect game (8.5 in my book), the game has its holes but so does your arguement on this one, so let me get into it.

    graphics, its done with 640, sd is 480 so its more of an enhanced def, not full high def but not standard def and it was done for lighting reasons(according to bungie).

    maps, the reason your only seeing 3 maps out of all the ones that are in the game is because of the game type that your playing, if your on btb or another game type with 12ish people in the room its not going to pick guardian as the map your playing, its too small, and the other way around too, if you have 4 people total its not going to put you on the desert map. The map is chosen on how many people you have in the room.

    Graphics, not all there, this is a little dissapointing but understandable. I was let down on this.

    The warping issue, this has been like this since Halo 1 on campain, so it was no shocker to me that this would happen, if you played the other Halo games you should know that this would happen.

    Auto pilot, are you serious?, next topic

    Big team battle not ranked, who cares, its up to 12 of your friends playing, it should not be ranked, not by any means, you can still gain exp though so thats a huge plus to me.

    campain maps, yes way to small, and it sucked a ass load running to A to B and back to A and back to B over and over again.

    Maps, not enough of them in the game.

    Multiplayer game options, you guys complained about the lack of game choices in the game, are you sure your playing Halo 3? There is so many game choices here, look around you will find them.

    Gaming ending, if you beat the game on legendary you would have saw an additional scene at the end of the game, but you guys took the easy way out and played the game on easy. Which by the way is why you didn’t get killed by the bad guys, if you have 4 people playing you have to play it on hard.

    And I will have more to write on this, I’m just catching my breath.

  • Crazyasu06

    First of all, you guy’s did not finish the game. If you wait till after the credits roll you will see the rest of the ending and also a little extra on legendary. You guys talk about Master Chief missing charisma. Well, you need to learn the story he is a freaking cyborg, half man, half machine. When is the last time you have seen a cyborg in a movie have emotion. Hell, Cortana has more and she is an AI. The other human characters carry the charisma like SGT. Johnson or even your fellow solders or the covenant there in game banter is hilarious. Go to some other websites like IGN, Teamxbox or 1up and you will see clearly you don’t understand the point of this game. It plays like HALO, it looks like HALO and it also sounds like HALO, wake up this is the HALO universe.

    As for as graphics go, you can not compare this game to gears of war. Although it was a great looking game, you are fighting in a linear one closed room battle vs. the guys at Bungie having to render the insides of everything in a massive level. For example, the freakin speedometer in vehicle’s all the way down to a single blade of grass at the end of the part of a level you have not reached yet. This has to be done so you can view everything perfect in saved replays. If you are a developer hearing this or having to do this will make you shit your pants, its that hard to do. I think you guys are flaming Bungie a little to hard, they did exactly what all the fans were asking them to do after HALO 2. I guess you cant please everyone. To reiterate my earlier point, please learn the HALO story it is a really good saga, be sure to pay close attention to all the cut scenes from HALO1, HALO2 and HALO3. I had a few friends who were confused initially also but when you put all three Halo cut scenes all together it comes together nice and they all agreed. It is very subtle and detail oriented you have to pay really close attention to understand it.

    Sorry, if i come off hostile but it seems you guys are rating the game on the hype and not the actual game and how it expands the halo universe. Sounds like you guys wanted to play and review COD4 which is great, but its not Halo 3.

  • The Other Guy 1

    Yea we did finish the game. Maybe you did not here the end of the show, but we talked about the ending. The only to know that is to finish the game. MY REVIEW MY OPINION!