LIVE on LIVE 53.5 Recording Tonight

I need your help.  What should we talk about tonight for next Tuesdays podcast release?  Post a comment here…

Possible guests are…
Azentium – v8isme – Kosamus – SGT McBain – Noizytribe
PRIS0N3R – Mr B4 – Jeremiah Night – MrCarpalTunnel


  • Kosamus

    For starters, what about The Orange Box release? Or me getting the #1 spot in Best Trick on the skate leaderboards. Or any leaderboard in general, is it worth your time? Is the Gears of War movie a good idea? Whats your next must have game now that the Halo3 hype has died down? Who has time for all this multiplayer? (Team Fortress 2, Gears, Rainbow Six, Halo 3 or CoD4) What would you play if you only had one choice?