Should the PS3 have launched in November of 2007?

When you see that question, you probably disregarded it at first. Maybe you re-read the question and then it started to really make your brain tingle. Perhaps…just perhaps, there’s something to the question.

I’m not going repeat everything I’ve said before. Instead, I’m going to let Mr. Lucas DeWoody’s writing do it for me. Woody breaks down Sony’s current situation and offers an alternative plan which Sony should have utilized.

 We can’t change the past, but Sony is making a huge mistake by not pouncing on the present. Take some time and read the article. I think you’ll understand exactly how I feel about the state of the Playstation 3 then.

[”Playstation 3: One Year Too Early”

This article comes from the wonderful mind of Lucas DeWoody, a writer for Advanced Media Network.

 Here’s the link: ]


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  • mik

    It certainly launched too soon, but they had to get it out there. If they launched this year, they’d be behind by 10 million consoles, instead of 6 million. And the presence of the PS3 hasn’t hurt PS2 sales in the least.

    There are a number of other statements I take issue with in that article. I think it’s totally absurd to think waiting a year to release the system would have resulted in a lower price. The price of the system is coming down as they refine the manufacturing process. To do that, you have to manufacture them.

    The library probably would have been slightly stronger, but it wouldn’t have been the same library that we’re seeing this fall. Developers would have taken more time on the titles they were working on. So, for example, you could forget Ratchet hitting at launch–Insomniac would still be laboring over Resistance. Anyone who works in an industry ruled by deadlines understands that your work will always expand to fill the time you’re allowed.

    As for Capcom and Sega (and who really gives a shit about Sega anymore?), they’ll certainly change their tune once the tide shifts and the PS3 is the dominant player worldwide. They’re not going to pass on revenue from Europe and Japan just because the 360 is well ahead in the States. Those games will be multiplatform forever.

  • But I would have liked to see them wait until Nov 07 to release it, sure the library would show it a bit better, the tools would be more efficient for developers than they were at the actual launch.

    Their online strategy wouldn’t feel as bare as it currently does because HOME wouldn’t have had to be delayed several times like it has been.

    But, it’s out and all they can do is go with it at this point, I’m sure 08 will be a better year for them since MS is shooting a massive wad this holiday with their exclusives, next year it’ll be more multi platform and more even in exclusives (hopefully).

  • I think looking at it, the ps3 had to launch when it did. To give Microsoft a 2 year head start would have been generational suicide. Now, the system itself was well built and not rushed. (unlike the 360). It would have been better if there was more software but that’s normal for console launches.