Top 10 movies for gamers, supposedly!

Spider-man 3

Hey what’s up everybody, happy Columbus Day to all of you.  Instead of trying to make some weird article about Columbus Day and how it relates to gaming, I figured I would stick with something that actually relates to it.  And after the crazy weekend I had (my GFs 21st birthday), I really did not have too much time to look up articles, so just bear with me.  I did find something very interesting though that I would like to share with you.

While I was checking the news on, I came across a list  that one of their bloggers found on another site,  The list was the top ten movies for gamers.  Some you have heard of, some you have not, check it out and see if you agree.

1. AliensLord of the Rings

2. Blade Runner

3. Dark City

4. eXistenZ

5. The Matrix

6. Spider-Man

7. Army of Darkness

8. Serenity

9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

10. Star wars

AliensI have got to be honest, if this is the list of movies that gamers like, then I am not much of a gamer.  I have seen Star Wars, Spider-man, The Matrix, and Aliens. I have not heard of most of these movies, expect for Blade Runner and LOTR.  The Question I have for all of you is, do you agree with this list?  Make the choice, and share your opinion, because here at XBLRadio it’s your game, your voice, your radio, and now your movies.

Take care gamers, see you next update.
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Link to the list: