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MrCarpalTunnel and Rusty Ranchero host
LIVE on LIVE The Gamers Roundtable™

Topics include…
Bungie and Microsoft take a break. What does this mean for the gamers? Will HALO live on?
XBL Radio gave HALO a score of 7.75.  Did Carpal and ToG commit suicide?  Our guests get to confront us about the review.
Whats up with the game release schedule this holiday?  What games will you have to miss out on because it seems publishers are looking for our holiday dollars?  Is a coordinated release schedule really that far fetched?

Wrap-Up with Rusty Ranchero…
Special Interview with JAKE from  He tells us how he broke the story of Bungie and MS’s split.

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Brief And-Now-For Outtakes™
Bonus Song-of-the-Cast: “Pepper Spray” by The Lisps.  Check out Rusty’s dedication.

LIVE on LIVE™ guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
Jeremiah Night, Kosamus and Thrillhouse17.

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