Don’t MisconSKU the Situation!

Most of us have experienced or will soon experience buying our first vehicle. Perhaps you chose a used vehicle after investing numerous hours searching forums, CARFAX, and any automotive source.


However, some of us desired that new retro Ford Mustang that we knew very little about. We do some research but all we see is speculation and a couple of questionable reviews. So what’s a car buyer to do?


We go to the best dealership that sells our desired vehicle and subject ourselves to incessant haggling at the hands of a potentially incompetent salesperson. We basically get a test drive, a plethora of features, prices, and different models to help us decide.


Buying a video game console is really no different. Consoles have grown from a “one-size-fits-all” concept to a highly customizable electronic device which appeals to more than just the gamer population.  Systems have become a common item in millions of households all over the world. Many people use them as DVD players, media centers, and in a few cases, for playing video games.


So why would a gamer who already owns a working PS3 complain about a new model coming out with less features?


Yes, at first, I was against it just because I considered it wasteful, but after thinking about it, what’s so wrong with multiple SKUs for consoles? No gamer is under any obligation to buy every single SKU. No gamer is really losing anything if they’ve already bought a launch PS3.


So what’s the real point? Backwards compatibility…I think that argument is simply a scapegoat. If you want to play PS2 games, play them on your PS2. I know…I know. That may seem really shocking but playing games on the system they were made for is completely okay.


If you bought a GT Mustang completely tricked out, would you still complain about the basic model being sold to the public? Maybe you’d complain because the basic model has alloy wheels while you have chrome. Or maybe you’re pissed off because that basic model is missing a sunroof while you’re cruising with the wind through your hair.


Perhaps comparing vehicles and consoles is like comparing apples to oranges…perhaps. It doesn’t change the simple fact that humans love to complain about things.


So the next time you see a basic model Ford Mustang cruising next to your prize pony, instead of giving them the bird, roll down the window, give them a wink, and tell them to go buy one of those new affordable PS3s.

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