Gaming For Others

Well, it’s that time of year again. The holiday season is fast approaching us, and we wonder: What have we accomplished this year? Have we given back to others as much as we’ve received? All of us spent money this year to buy games like Halo 3, so why not take time to look at those less fortunate? There area lot of sick kids stuck in the hospital during the holidays. What if we could share with them the joy of gaming, and make their hospital stays a little less scary, and a lot more fun? Well, good news, people! We can!!

Ooopy, a fellow gamer from , and her network of friends from various gaming communities are collaborating to use gaming to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. What could be better than doing something we do and love anyway—gaming—to give joy to sick kids stuck in hospitals during the holidays?

A simple concept with far-reaching and heartfelt effects can make all of the difference for a lot of sick kids this holiday season.Supported and staffed by people of The Blue Skittle; DC Combat; Tied the Leader; Podtacular; Uncle Gamer, and Gamertag Radio—just to name a few—the site that’s going to make it possible for all of us to share the love is aptly named Gaming4others (G4O). How is G4O doing this? I’m glad you asked. Currently, G4O is registering teams for their first fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity.

This event will be a Microsoft Live tournament with a choice of three different games:

* Gears of War
* Halo 3
* Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Games will consist of teams of 4-vs-4. Rules will be posted at the G4O site. The winning team has the honor of choosing the hospital that will receive the gifts and the last day to sign up for this tourney is October 20th, 2007 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

NOTE: If you aren’t interested in playing you can still sponsor a team! For more details please go

And here(right click, save as) is a very special interview done by JVB, DC Grabraham and Ooopy with Kristin from Child’s Play.

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