The Wonderful World of Television

The weekend is upon us and it’s time for most of us to kick back and relax. While video gaming is definitely highest on my priority list, I’ve grown fond of television again. It also pleases my fiancée because of the “quality” time we spend watching together, yet, I find myself enjoying the visual spectacles more and more.

The plethora of shows on primetime alone keeps me in stitches and more often than not, on the edge of my seat. While I do entertain myself with most of the mainstream fonder out there, I thought I’d list my top ten shows I watch every week.

Sadly enough, ten doesn’t actually scratch the surface of what I really watch, but I’ll limit myself for the good of parties reading this.

1)      Dexter (Showtime) — A serial killer plays the role of a Good Samaritan and forensic pathologist by day. But when the sun goes down, the serial killers and criminals are hunted down, chopped to bits, and cast away to be forgotten…until the F.B.I. finds the body parts.


2)      Smallville (CW) — If you don’t know what this show is about, you frighten me. We witness the legendary Clark Kent grow into Superman on a small farm in Kansas. This season features his cousin, Kara Kent…aka Supergirl.


3)      Supernatural (CW)    Two brothers who lost both their father,  mother, and lovers  to demons and other paranormal baddies fight to rid the Earth of all the evils of Hell and urban legends.


4)      Heroes (NBC) — If you love X-Men, then jump on the bandwagon. This show is all about the genetic evolution of specific humans who have extraordinary abilities. The special thing about this show is there’s always some big conspiracy or cliffhanger that pulls you deeper into the characters’ lives.


5)      The Office (NBC) –   This is the funniest representation of a blue collar office since Office Space.  Michael is an overzealous office manager with an office full of individual kooky characters. This comedy is pure quality!


6)      Family Guy (Fox) – – I don’t need to explain this one. If you don’t watch it, then you’ll never see Stewie’s sexy dance. SHAME ON YOU!


7)      Eureka (USA) — Eureka is a secret city full of geniuses experimenting with almost everything known to man. The one man with an IQ below 120 is the town sheriff, yet he always seems to save the day.


8 )      Californication (Showtime) — A writer comes upon hard times in both his personal life and career but frequently succeeds in bedding numerous ladies.


9)      Corner Gas (WGN) – This is a seriously sarcastic comedy based in a small town in Canada. The show is so simple, but even the police will make you crack a smile.


10)   Doctor Who (BBC America) — An alien who calls himself simply “The Doctor” travels across time and space with companions saving galaxies all over the universe.

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