XBL Radio Ver 54.0 (The Post Season for Gamers)



-The newest trend in music downloading; Pay what you want!


-Apple gets sued for price dropping. This may make Wal-Mart rethink their “Falling-Prices” campaign.

GAME NEWS: The Wii recasts a new fishing sim. Perhaps they are angling for a new kind of gamer. Hope they can TACKLE it.GAME REVIEWS:


The Orange Box: Rusty Ranchero gives us the scoop on Valve’s Half Life Bundle. Is 5 games enough to justify the transition to the 360? Or is Portal enough of a selling point?

Hour of Victory vs. Medal of Honor Airborne: Carpal once again tries to “Save Ryan’s Privates” as he enlists for two terms of active duty. Which one will he re-enlist for?

Drawn to Life (DS): Alex gets creative with KID PIX as he draws a conclusion on why this DS title is worth picking up.


-The 360 FriendSpot SPOT

-Useless Tips.

-The Marketplace Minute.

and why Canada brings out TheOtherGuy in TheOtherGuy.