Gamers Roundtable Recording Friday

This is one of the reasons it’s called “your radio”.  We’ll be recording this Friday night with a whole new group of gamers for some fresh opinions about the world we game in.  If you have some news, issues or gossip that’ll make good topics, then post ‘em here.  Not only is your support appreciated, it’s what helps us thrive.

  • kemanswar

    Bionic Commando is being remade for the next gen systems, should we push more developers to remake the “classics”?

    Should we demand new versions of our favorite games?

  • What does everybody think about the delay of Super Smash Bros Brawl?
    Will Mario Galaxy help fill the void until this game arrives?
    Gamers thoughts on what they think about the Orange Box?
    Is the new SKU for PS3 a good idea, or is it too late since most people who bought one, bought the 60 GB one?
    Anyone looking forward to Street fighter IV after seeing the new trailer released for it?
    GTA IV developer Rockstar is pushing for Online multiplayer of 16 players, what would you like to see from this game if this idea is incorporated?