New SKUs Mean More Sales. 178% More Sales.

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Playstation 3 hardware sales jumped 178 per cent last week with the introduction of two new SKUs, helping the system record its third highest week since launch in the UK.

Data supplied to reveals that although Sony’s console enjoyed a considerable sales boost, Nintendo’s DS was still the best-selling hardware system in the UK, followed by the Wii and then the PS3, with the Xbox 360 behind its home console rival.

Two new PS3 models were introduced to market last Wednesday. A 40GB model with less functions has gone on sale for GBP 299, and the 60GB model has been reduced to GBP 349, bundled with two free first-party games.

PS3 software has also enjoyed a resurgence, with Resistance: Fall of Man climbing the all-formats charts from 22 to eight, Heavenly Sword re-entering the top 40 at number 14, MotorStorm moving from 22 to 18, and Formula 1: Championship Edition also back in the official charts at number 24.

So the PS3 managed to sell more units than the 360, despite Halo the third, thanks to the new cheaper-yet-gimped model. As I’ve said before, the EU is Sony Playstationland. Hell, anywhere outside the US Playstation is synonymous with video games (like Nintendo was back in the 80s), so it should be no surprise that this more affordable model manages to sell well. Especially since Pro Evolution/Winning Eleven/Soccer/Boringass”football” is coming out shortly, which sells megatons and is best know for on the PS.

On an observational note, the 40GB PS3 is selling in special bundles in Italy, with the new Pro Evo packed in, for 430 Euros. And all pre-orders for this have completely sold out. Looks like the PS3 is finally picking up some steam.

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  • ROORHighness

    PS3 taking the world by surprise and making other countries look good..!?!?

    This is awesome news!

    I can’t wait to see how the PS3 starts to really take off out of the states!!
    But we’ll have to see if the new SKUs will make a difference in the US, without major software to support it..