The Gamers Pub, Episode 5

I don’t know why we used this picture

Topics Include:
Achievement Not Unlocked?
Events from the Penny Arcade Expo
Our thoughts on Portal, GOTY?
Piracy running rapid in Asia
What rehashes would be cool
Backwards compatible
PSP Talk
Red Lights rule, have you got them? Your not cool if you haven’t
All this and more, this week with special guest Rod Smack from

Intro song by the band Lagwagon check them out at Outro song, Find your way, by Authority Zero. Check them out at

And one random person who comments on this weeks show will walk away with a Transformers T-Shirt.

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  • Kosamus

    Great show guys, best discussions and beverage choices so far! keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next show – it definitely helped getting through this Monday. Fore sure! Peace Guys – “Cheers”

  • kemanswar

    Another great show guys, its great that you have guests come in to change the flavor each week. Glad to see you hitting your stride as well.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  • kemanswar

    Forgot to mention, for anybody who wants to know. The song at the end of the podcast is from a band “Authority Zero” off of the Andiamó album. Song title “Find Your Way”

  • Kosamus

    We know, it says on the front page

  • KemansWar

    Sorry didn’t see that, was posting from work. My boss came up behind me while I was reading it. My bad.