Haze Demo On November 16th For EU

Due to an admittedly limited number of Playstation exclusives this holiday season, Haze has fallen under a (perhaps undeserved) critical microscope. Chia had the pleasure/misfortune of playing this on-again-off-again PS3 exclusive at PAX, and was unimpressed. Yet, despite his claims of extreme mediocrity, I look forward to this title, and hope that it delivers enough fresh content to merit my time. Looks like European Playstation owners (and those claiming to be) will be able to give this game a test, and see if it’s worth squeezing in between the other blockbuster holiday titles.

What I find interesting, and extremely promising, is that the demo will apparently offer a segment of the game playable both in single player and 4 person co-op. Here’s hoping that Chia was wrong.

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