When can I pick up my canceled game?

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I could not beleive this story the first time i heard it, and I thought I should share it with you.

According to this article I found on, the creators of the game “Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising”, Perpetual Entertainment, made the announcement for the cancellation of this game on Oct. 9th.  And by doing this they put the game on “Indefinite hold” (or canceled) due to prolonged development and realigned studio goals.  And exactly a week after its cancellation, a website named the Consumerist reported on Oct.16th that Gamestop and EB Games were still taking preorders on this game.

EB Games logoDoes this mean that we should trust our local Gamestop and EB Games stores on knowing the release dates of upcoming games, or should we seek another source?  Could this have just been a mistake made in either stores database, or are they secretly trying to take your money, even with the knowledge of a game being canceled?  I will leave the decision to you.  But I am just giving you something to think about the next time you visit a video game specialty store and want to reserve a game.

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