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 Rusty Ranchero and MrCarpalTunnel host
LIVE on LIVE The Gamers Roundtable™

Show Outline
Random XBL Message…
Introduction with Music and hosts… (00:18)
Guest Introduction… (01:36)
Marcus Phenix sets up the topics for discussion… (10:30)

What gives a game a good value?  With the 60 dollar standard, does “value” now factor into the purchase?
What if EA made a console? Do you agree with our guests, that there is room in the market for a 4th home console? Would it be the End All? (20:57)
Bionic Comando said to be a NexGen Rehash.  What “classic” favorites would you like to see “remade”? But wouldn’t we rather have new, fresh IP’s? (27:04)
Is now a good time to buy a PS3 at the new point of entry, $399? (33:18)
The state of XBLA? Is it time for it to evolve? (38:35)

YAY or NAY: Out next top game purchases before we celebrate 2008. (46:28)
Guest Final Thoughts and good-byes (50:39)
Rusty’s wrap-up with a new .0 show segment announcement featuring Mr. B4. (59:00)
Outro music; extended And-Now-For Outtakes.  (65:07)

LIVE on LIVE™ guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
SquirmyMalo, brett11253, Stealthy Bug and X3R0 9.

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