Looking for ANotherGuy to replace TheOtherGuy!


He has been with XBL Radio from the start. However as with all good things, this too must end. TOG (as we know him around here) has come to a pivitol point in his XBLR partnership. He had to choose between Family and Football or Friend Requests and Frequent Late-Nights. Its hard to do a podcast, be a gamer, and still have time to enjoy your other hobbies. As most of you know TOG is quite a Bike rider. This and his 1 year old Son bites into a shrinking personal time. So he made a decision and XBLR will have to respect it.  He has been an asset to the Staff and will always be remembered as the Inspiration for the XBL Radio Podcast!

That said: I may plan to carry on. However I choose not to do a one-man show. So if interested send me your inquery. I will get back with you. Until then; enjoy XBL Radio (even in it’s new form).