Mario Galaxy Demo impressions

Mario Galacy Cover

I just got the chance to do something pretty exciting this weekend, and i wanted to share my experience with all of you.

I recently visited my local Gamestop store, where I saw a demo station with a Mario Galaxy playable demo.  After I asked the clerk to help me set up the demo, I put the nunchuk in one hand, the Wiimote in the other, and got a chance to play one of the most fun games, if not the most fun game that the Wii has to offer.  When my demo ended, needless to say, amazing does not even begin to explain this game.  This was the most fun that I have ever had playing a Mario game.  Here are my first impressions based on the demo.

Controls(A): If you think it’s going to be a difficult game to play because the Wii mote and nunchuk, you’re wrong.  The controls here could not be any easier, and should only take a few seconds to master.  You move Mario around with the nunchuk, shake the Wii Mote side to side to attack enemies, climb up vines, and jump into warp stars.  By pointing the Wiimote at the screen, you can collect little star pieces, shoot these at enemies to stun them with the B button, and click on blue stars to pull yourself from place to place.  Other than that, A is to jump, and that’s about all you really need to know in order to be successful in this game.  Mario games have always been easy pick up and play games, and there is nothing different here.

Gameply Pic 1

Sound(B): There is nothing too groundbreaking here as far as sounds go.  The Wii Mote makes a “ping” noise when you jump into a warp star, a “boing” noise when you shoot star pieces at enemies heads, and a “whoosh” noise when you do a spin attack.  And thats about it.   Everything else is status quo from mario games in the past, coins make the same sounds when you grab them, when you get a star, the Wii Mote says “You got a star”, and when you hit enemies, they make the same noises they did when you hit them in Super mario 64, that squishy kind of noise.  Even though the sound effects are not groundbreaking, they are still cool to hear from time to time, and add a fun factor to the game.

Gameplay(A): All of the controls I explained to you add some interesting effects to the gameplay.  The boss battles alone make full use of your capabilities with the Wii mote, but I won’t spoil anything for you, I will let you experience that on your own.  Other than just platforming elements, there are mini-games from time to time that add a little bit of variety to the gameplay.  One, I will tell you about, is a mini-game where you point the Wii Mote at your screen, and feed a creature a certain amount of star pieces by shooting them into his mouth.  There is also another part where you click a series of  blue stars with your Wii Mote to try and pull yourself to the levels main star.  Levels are easy to manuever around in,  just jump in one star, and it takes you to another area, then rinse and repeat the process.  Everything else is simple platforming, solving a few puzzles, fighting boss fights, etc.  It’s fun to play, and will have you engrossed in the experience in a manner of minutes.

Mario Bee

Graphics(A): For a Mario game, these are best graphics I have ever seen. Level designs are unique, colorful, and beautiful, and mostly make you move in a full 360 degrees of motion.  Some levels make you return to those side scrolling elements form the old days, and pull it off very nicely.  Enemies still look cartoonish, but it’s what you have come to expect out of mario game at this point.  Mario himself, looks about as good as the Wii could possibly make him look, but looks pretty close to how he looked in Mario Sunshine, which is not too much of an improvement.

Replay Value( B+): I would have given this game an A for replay value if there was something else other than the second player being able to use a Wii Mote to help you collect little star pieces and hit enemies with them, and just collecting the big stars in each level. Other than that, I am thinking that this will be like Mario 64, and once you are done collecting all the stars, that is it, and the only replay value you will have is playing it all over again.

Piranha Boss Fight

Overall(A): My conclusion, from what I have played so far, is that this will be a game that we will never forget. The creativity of the controls, the unique level design, and exciting boss fights will make this the most in-depth mario game to date.  I will be looking forward to picking up this game, and I hope you do the same.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off.
Take Care,