XBLR ver 55 (Carpal and TOG Log Off)

A very special show of XBL Radio:

You’ve come to know and love them. They have been a part of your Tuesdays. They have warmed your heart, your soul, and your earbuds. However all good things must come to an end. Except for their constant bitching and moaning. So tune into their farewell show to hear why they had to take a break.

All this plus:
A Game review over Stranglehold,
and a Kid Pix over Hot Wheels.

The Marketplace Minute,
and our final log off.

Hope you enjoyed the shows, if not then your off my friends list…

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  • Jeremiah Night

    You’ve done a great deal for gaming communitys, and video game podcasting.
    Thanks for all the shows, and thanks for always trying to stay honest. It’s a very cool quality to have.